Leather Recliners

The basic feature of a recliner is to provide comfort to the user, the tilted backrest (and sometimes a footrest) allows one to relax when they feel like or bring it back to a normal armchair position when they just want to watch television. These days’ recliners are also known as reclining chair, lounges and armchairs. A lot of the modern recliners can even adjust the headrest, lumbar support and the independent footstool that also adjusts with the weight and angle of the users’ leg to maximise comfort. Recliners are used almost everywhere these days, at homes, offices and are even common in airplanes and trains. The most popular material for recliners is leather. And when it comes to finding the perfect leather recliner for your home or office there here are a few places that you shouldn’t miss out on.

La-Z-Boy goes by the saying live life comfortably, so what more do you need to convince you? Their first recliner was patented in 1929 and ever since they have only been perfecting reclining comfort so you can be rest assured that they are one of the most recognised names in the furniture industry world over. All La-Z-Boy recliners come with a lifetime warranty hence you can be content in the knowledge that you are buying the best mechanism in the world. All their recliners even come with an independent reclining feature which allows you to recline even without opening the footrest. La-Z-Boy is the only manufacturer who uses a Locking Footrest system with their recliners which allows the customer to enjoy fully supported legs at all times. These are just a few of the advantages that come along with the La-Z-Boy recliner. You will not only be investing in a lifetime of relaxation but you can also be assured that you can enjoy it for a long period of time.

House of Recliners is our next choice when you want to look for that perfect leather recliner. When the House of Recliners launched in Melbourne in 1994, it was the first of its kind. You can choose from a wide range of styles and manufacturers that are well known in the furniture industry like the La-Z-Boy Australia, IMG of Norway, Moran Furniture, Tessa, Garstone Furniture and Top Form, plus many other local well known brands. Once you begin speaking to their consultants you will be surprised of the wide ranging knowledge that they possess in delivering exactly what you need. You can also look out for the matching collections of sofas, corner sofas and home theatre sets to go along with your recliner. The Norwegian design is more ideal these days for the modern day apartment living.

The Comfort Shop is another Australian owned and operated business that specialises in importing the most comfortable bedroom and lounge products from across Europe and South America. At The Comfort Shop none of the representatives are pain commission so you can enjoy a no-pressure shopping experience at any of their five stores in Australia since they do not franchise any of their stores.