Mirrored Furniture

Few furniture designs are as captivating as mirrored furniture. In Australia, the mirrored furniture trend is picking up steadily, as more and more homeowners seek to have a piece of mirrored furniture or two. The beauty of embracing this type of furniture is that it can be used in any space. It also goes well with both traditional and contemporary styling themes. This means you can add a few mirrored furniture items in any room, regardless of your decor or design theme. When unsure of the direction of your design ideas, it is advisable to start with a few small items. Then you can move onto bigger items as your confidence grows. If you enjoy taking the plunge, go all out and acquire mirrored furniture in your dream size.

Pair your mirrored units with signature accents and accessories for a stunning look. For a basic but elegant look, minimize use of accessories or eliminate them altogether. When choosing which mirrored furniture to buy, its important to be clear on whether you want the mirrored part of the furniture to be functional or merely ornamental. The placement of the furniture can help you make a sound decision on this. If the furniture will find use in the bedroom or bathroom, for instance, having a mirror that you can use while grooming yourself will be more advantageous than just having a purely aesthetic mirror. Try adding mirrored dresser, cabinets, desks and seats in the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom.