Outdoor Furniture Adelaide

Australia has always had a great need of outdoor furniture considering the beautiful climate the country has to offer. So it’s no surprise that every city in Australia has a wide range of outdoor furniture stores to choose from when you are looking for the perfect outdoor set. Adelaide too has a vast array of choices and these include some of the top stores too.

But let’s have a look at some names that are equally popular like Classic Timber Furniture, who began 35 years ago selling raw timber furniture from a little store in Adelaide. Their main aim is to provide customers with furniture that will delight and impress your family and friends because they know that you deserve it. They are quite proud to be a family oriented business and of the brand and reputation. Although they have maintained a passion for all things timber they have also increased their range of products to include lounge and home wares in order to provide a broader home furnishing and decorating service. They understand that every customer is important and every request is unique, hence they take the time to provide you only valuable service that will fit your budget. They are a company who love to inspire people whatever their style by having a huge range to choose from. All their stores are set up in room settings to help customer visualize what it would look like in your own home.

The Outdoor Scene is another small company that sells outdoor furniture’s all year round in Adelaide. This family run business was established in 1989 and supplies outdoor furniture and umbrell as all year through. They provide excellent customer service and help them choose the perfect set of outdoor furniture that will suit their area.  The Outdoor Scene understands that the outdoor patio or garden area is a place of relaxation and hence they offer a wide variety of options for people to choose from. Whether you are looking for furniture in timber, wicker, plastic, glass, aluminum or stone they will have just the thing for you. You do not have to buy the setting that is displayed but rather you can mix and match to make your own set up. They pride themselves in selling only branded products like Shelta, Classique, Companion, Gasmate and much more. Like their customers they are also passionate about the outdoor space and understand how a beautiful patio can create a positive effect on families and neighbours. Do come and choose from a wide range of their chairs, tables, umbrellas, sun loungers, couches and much more.

TOFS or The Outdoor Furniture Specialists are another one of Australia’s largest retailers who specialize in outdoor furniture and who are passionate about helping customers create inspirational outdoor spaces. Their wide range of livable furniture is made to withstand the harsh Australian climate including their long summers.

Other stores to consider if you want to buy outdoor furniture in Adelaide are Taste Furniture, IKEA, Super A Mart, Barbeques Galore and Le Cornu.