Wrought Iron Furniture

The term wrought iron literally means “worked iron”, because of the way it can be shaped when it is soft and malleable. Wrought iron is a material that was initially popular in the early days before steel came into the picture. Due to its tough, malleable, ductile, corrosion-resistant and easily welded features wrought iron was the most sought after material. Many items such as  nails, wire, chains, rails, railway couplings, water and steam pipes, nuts, bolts, horseshoes, handrails, wagon tires and many more were made of wrought iron. Although currently wrought iron is not produced on a commercial scale there are still many things that are made of this unique material and one of them is furniture!

wrought iron furnitureWhen it comes to talking about wrought iron furniture in Australia the first name that pops up is Channel Enterprises. They are a major importer and wholesaler of quality products catering to the home and garden industries in Australia and New Zealand. Their head office Victoria has a huge display showroom. Apart from a vast collection of wrought iron furniture, Channel Enterprises also houses stone tables, cast settings, wicker pieces, antique garden ornaments, and much more. Thanks to its unique malleability features, wrought iron can be formed into decorative shapes and patterns. Wrought iron has always been a
classic choice for gardens throughout Australia because of its hardiness and solid weight in design. Chairs, tables or benches in this material are not easily blown away by the wind! Wrought iron furniture also requires minimal maintenance and hence it is the ideal choice for any nursery or outdoor furniture store. At Channel Enterprises you can choose from a wide range of wrought iron furniture pieces, whether you are looking for quirky ornaments or 3 piece settings they have it all.

If you are looking for something that is traditional with a sense or creativity then Art of Steel is the place for you. Art of Steel is one of Australia’s finest traditional blacksmithing studios. Their creations are made purely of wrought iron and can be found across many homes, businesses, offices and commercial spaces across the country. They are highly regarded for its professionalism, creativity, innovation and quality products. Their skilled team of qualified and experienced blacksmiths always works closely with the clients in order to identify their design, understand the purpose of the product requirement, work on their budget requirements and most importantly deliver a product that actually meets their needs. You can find the
following items in their catalogue – wrought iron gates, wrought iron fencing, wrought iron doors and entry-ways, wrought iron furniture including wrought iron beds and accessories as well as wrought iron decorative pieces. Art of Steel claims to have one of the largest ranges of wrought iron beds in the country.

At Exclusive Wrought Iron you are bedazzled with just two features, the fact that they have a huge range of wrought iron colours and finishes and the expert craftsmanship they have to offer. Exclusive Wrought Iron specializes in the design and manufacture of wrought iron staircases, fencing, gates, security doors, windows, grills and much more. They also offer a complete wrought iron restoration service based on their years of experience manufacturing wrought iron products for customers.